As a former high school and college basketball coach, I have learned that a team will reflect the personality of that coach just like a congregation will mirror its pastor.  Both will take on the ideals, attitude, knowledge and spiritual insights of their leader.  The personalities of a leader are often times reflected in the eyes of their team.

When my son was little, he played this game with me by imitating the way I did things. For example, while sitting in church he would cross his legs like me, he would stand with his hands behind his back like me and he would even lift his hands and worship like me.  My son was just imitating what he saw.  He was reflecting his father.

Jesus is telling us if we want to glorify God and show ourselves to be a disciple (a follower of Christ), then we need to bear fruit that resembles Him.  To show ourselves of God, we need to be reflecting our Heavenly Father.  When you accepted Jesus as Lord of your life, you accepted God.  Inside of you is the ability to mirror love, joy, peace, prosperity, health, stability and boldness.  These daily actions tell others who the coach of your life is.

Today I challenge you to reflect the image and personality of your Heavenly Father.  Let others know who your team leader is.

You Can Do It!

Coach White



Expect Success,

Coach White


“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” John 15:8